Activity Day 2013

After a few weeks of classroom learning, came the first task to learn practical skills. Activity Day for the first term was planned. Students had a lot of fun working together in the team building games such as Human Knot, Spider Web, Trust Falls, Pyramids, Dodge Ball and Electric Fence.

As always, these games didn’t fail to form a solid foundation for students to get to know each other. The relays that were following; filling the bottle, spinning around the bottle, walking with balloons and dressing up blind folded were full of energy and of course they were the noisiest part of the event.

The highlight was the last part; Scavenger Hunt! The students managed to bring even the hardest things to find like a tortoise, and a German. At the end of the day we able to see great exhaustion but also the longing for the next activity day on the faces of students. They loved it!

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