Service Project 2013

It was time to practically realize the peace in heart and growth in character that could only be developed by unselfishness! We were ready for the 1st service project. We considered many different needs of the community. At last, we decided on something that could sound silly if you were not around to see the Nuwara Eliya town lately.

Our plan was to clear out the posters in town. On the 26th of March, we had our students get ready with hats, trash bags, and water to save us from the seasonal hot sun.The students were divided into seven groups and sent around to seven different places in and around the town and also to the lake side to clean the posters.

It was very hard work, yet the environment looked very neat and tidy when we were done. We hope that this clean state of city would make people think twice before they paste posters on random places.

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