Talent Show 2013

The plan for 2013 was to shorten the academic year, but to teach a year’s curriculum. Shortened breaks and lengthened class time….When it was time to announce the talent show, the biggest question rose in all of our hearts was, “Is this really possible?” After a lot of thought and discussion, the decision to have the talent show even in a short academic year was confirmed. We, our belief, didn’t go wrong. On the 16th of March, we were able to put up a successful show.

From when the talent show was announced to when it finished, a mild tension and a strong desire to succeed were always there in the air. Driven by them, there was a lot happening; creating, picturing, imagining, changing, following, practicing practicing practicing and more of them. The enormous amount of effort that every staff and student of Beacon Hill was ready to put in their work brought the victory.

The careful plans made the big day run very smoothly. There were different types of dances; Kandyan, Bharatham, folk, Indian, Western and street dance. We also had song dramas with creative concepts and the musical acts like playing Sithar and songs by the beautiful voices of Beacon Hill. The hall was filled with a huge group of audience. Their comments were a great appreciation.

The impact of the show doesn’t end there. As the students are back at school after the talent show, we see the growth within them; stronger friendships, developed patience, flexibility, care and concern for each other, joy and everything that’s positive. There are bigger dreams waiting to come true in their eyes.

Whether to have a talent show or not is never a question to ask again. The show has proved itself to be the opportunity to live the lessons that were taught in classrooms!


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