We are always on the lookout for volunteers to teach at the school.


  • must speak English as your first language
  • must hold a Bachelor’s degree (or some sort of advanced certification in a specific field related to what is taught at BHA)
  • must be able to cover your own airfare and travel expenses (we may be able to contribute something towards this)
  • must be able to teach English, computers, or business management (lesson plans will be provided)

In return, you will receive:

  • free room and board
  • guidance and support in navigating the culture and developing your teaching skills
  • valuable experience for your future
  • an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives
  • a cross-cultural, mind-expanding experience that you will never forget!

To start a conversation about volunteering at Beacon Hill Academy, please email us at volunteer@beaconhillacademy.org and answer the following questions:

  1. What is your name, date of birth, and citizenship?
  2. How did you hear about our school and why you are interested in volunteering with us?
  3. Please tell us about your educational background as well as about your future plans.
  4. Describe any teaching experience or other relevant work experience that you have.
  5. Describe any significant travel or cross-cultural experiences that you have had.
  6. Is there anything else we should know about you? (e.g. – health concerns, legal issues, etc.)
  7. How much would you be able to contribute towards your airfare and living expenses?

Once we hear from you, we may ask you to provide the names and email addresses of two people (non-relatives) who we could contact as references.

Here’s what some of our former volunteers had to say:


Stephanie Alman, USA, 2011 & 2012 volunteer

“The affect that Beacon Hill Academy has on the community is 100% transparent. You can see it. Students come to school every morning so happy because Beacon Hill is their sanctuary. It is where they go to find hope and encouragement for a better future. It has been such a privilege to volunteer at BHA and connect with people that are so inspiring. The teachers, staff, and students warmly welcomed me into their family and made my time at Beacon Hill Academy the greatest experience of my life. I have never been so motivated to work and to help, and that says something special about this project.

As a 21 year old female traveling across the world by myself, I have never felt so safe and comfortable. There are many reasons I chose to volunteer at Beacon Hill and even more reasons for me to return and volunteer again.”


Murray & Esther Vetsch, Canada, 2005 & 2009-2011 volunteers

From Esther: “There is something about Sri Lanka, Nuwara Eliya, and Beacon Hill Academy that gets under your skin. They become part of you; the people you meet there, the joy, the simplicity, the heartbreak, the frustrations, the food, the beauty, the color, the rain… Volunteering with Beacon Hill Academy was not only about teaching and working at the school or making a difference in a community, it was a chance to become immersed in a culture that was so happy to have you there and welcome you into their world.

“We brought our children with us on our 2 1/2 years of volunteering, and recommend it to anyone contemplating volunteering as a family. Indeed, our kids opened conversations and opportunities that might not have otherwise come our way as an adult couple. Our children enjoyed their time in Sri Lanka and were readily adopted into the community – recognized and greeted wherever we went!”


Tim Pare & Yasmene Shah, UK, 2009 volunteers

From Tim: “The one-year that I spent volunteering at BHA was extremely satisfying, rewarding and happy. The welcome received from the Bakers was incredibly thoughtful and that thoughtfulness continued throughout the year whether from Blossom and the staff at BHA or the students studying at the school. To work in such a motivational place, doing such good for the young people of the surrounding area and their communities was very special indeed. Nuwara Eliya was a beautiful place to spend a year of my life and the experiences I gained during that time have continued to inspire me and been reflected in the work that I have done ever since.

“If you are looking for an easy ‘volunteering’ placement that is in fact a holiday which has little benefit to the poor of the region… then this is not for you (you will find plenty of over-priced companies looking to take advantage on the Internet). If though, you are hoping to make a real difference, BHA offers a place where respectful students fighting to improve their futures lead to happiness, hardwork, fun and excitement in the classroom. This is true volunteering, true experience, true local culture and truly wonderful.”


Nicholas Belanger, Canada, 2008 volunteer

“Sometimes you hear ESL teachers talk about doing more learning than teaching when they describe their overseas experiences. This couldn’t be more true regarding the time that I’ve spent volunteering at BHA. Whether I was teaching the present perfect, joking with students in between classes or chatting with my co-workers in the staff room, I always seemed to be on the receiving end of the learning process. And there’s little wonder. Mixing a staff that is dedicated to making a difference with 64 lively, energetic students makes for a vibrant atmosphere, thick with inspiration.

“While volunteering here I’ve been exposed to a wealth of unique experiences and challenges, each serving up a heavy dose of knowledge and perspective. My time spent at this school, in this country, with these people, has left a strong impression on me: a mark that has sunk deep into my brain, right in the spot reserved for my fondest memories.”


Tanya Edinborough, Canada, 2008 volunteer

“I needed to get out of the rut I was in. Coming here, away from the rat race, has brought me back to basics. I taught Success and Ethics class throughout the year and it really forced me to look at my life. Also, I see many things I can live without.

“I find it is the people that make the biggest difference. Being here for a year, I have been able to build stronger relationships than if I was only on a two week trip”


Kristine Best, UK, 2004 volunteer

“Having taught TEFL in Japan, New Zealand, Austria, Italy the UK and Sri Lanka, I can honestly say that my year teaching in Nuwara Eliya was the most rewarding. So much so that I went back to teach for another 3 months a few years later! Teaching at BHA is an amazing, life changing opportunity. You will learn so much from the students and their infectious smiles and desire to learn will motivate and inspire you. It’s great to see the students develop confidence throughout the year however possibly the most rewarding is hearing of their successes once they leave BHA and put into practice everything they have learnt. The teaching team at BHA will become life long friends and at the end of your year you won’t be saying good bye but see you again.”