What else is happening at BHA?

A school day at Beacon Hill starts at 8.30 in the morning and finishes at 3.00 in the afternoon. On some days, students stay until 4.30 to use the computers or to research in the library. Two days a week, there is a bigger crowd that enters the school premises after 3.00 pm and occupies the place until 5.00. They are another set of people who are benefited by the school. With it’s main diploma program, Beacon Hill offers a few other short courses according to the needs of the community. One of those is the Spoken English Course for 3 months for after O/Ls, another is the TKT(Teaching Knowledge Test) Exam (British Council) Preparation Course for teachers of English medium schools and the third is the Spoken English Course on Saturdays for the working community.
The school is very busy most of the time and always very satisfying, because it lets us know there is always a lot we can do!

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